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"Archtop Guitars and Books" operated out of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Tel: 07 3379 7900  / Mob: 0412 745 893

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I specialize in used collectible and affordable jazz archtop guitars and rare collectable out of print illustrated guitar books. The classic full hollowbody f-hole archtop guitar is a unique traditional vintage style of guitar. The archtop guitar was originaly designed and played as an acoustic guitar but later it became electric when fitted with a pick up. The traditional known Archtop jazz guitar is synonymous with great jazz guitarist like Joe Pass, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel and George Benson. The archtop guitar is also very popular in many other fields of music, such as Blues, Country & Weatern, Rock n Roll, Pop Bands and Orchestras/Big Bands from which it originated.           

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