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Used Archtop Guitars for sale Privately. Private Listings. Private Sales here only.
Sell or trade your Archtop Guitar here.
You are welcome to advertise and sell your archtop guitars through my site on this page. A modest fees of $50- is paid up front per listing and your advert will run until sold or three months and or advised by the seller. To advertise you should Email me with 3-6 Jpg photos of your guitar with a concise accurate description and history of your instrument. If the guitar has any issues they must be fully disclosed in your listing. Your contact details will be necessary as all sellers negotiate their own transactions completely. Archtop Guitars will not take any part or responsibility in any transactions relating to this private listing service. This service depends on your trust and honesty to do the right thing to ensure this site can continue to be as a highly respected quality way of selling your fine archtop guitars.
Fees are $50- per listing for three months. Again, please ensure that the condition of your instruments is described fully and correctly.
Payments for advertising can be made through a Pay Pal accounts to or by cheque, money order or bank direct deposit or transfer to Archtop Guitars at The Bank of Queensland.
For any further assistance I can be contacted on 07 33797900 or 0412745893
Thank you. Richard.