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What Makes a Collectible Illustrated Guitar Book?
Any illustrated and informative guitar book in very good condition is worth collecting. However, it is the limited editions which include famous guitar collections that are usually at the top of the list and they are mostly the first editions, with hardbound covers and dust jackets.
There are many points to consider about what makes a good collectible guitar book and the most important points are rarity and demand. Without popularity, surprisingly many great books would go by the way. The rarest guitar book in the world is of no value if no one wants it but then you probably would not want it either. However not all collectors are the same and fortunately for others they save what no one wants… until others do. A good popular hardbound guitar book that is out of print, is often an indicator of something worth collecting providing it is still in demand, because then it is likely to warrant a paperback reprint at sometime and so the owners of the first edition copies will then most likely have something worthwhile collecting.
The condition of a collectible book cannot be over stated. The better the condition the more collectible the book will be and thus the better the price it will bring. A book in mint condition will be like new and in most cases will never have been read or unsealed. Signed books by the author will add value, whilst ex-library books or any other kind of defacing will lower the value considerably. When purchasing collectible books, I always avoid library copies and likewise any book that is defaced or marked, and yet I get caught often, but then I just have to carry the loss personally as many collectors look to me for the better examples.
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