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Collecting vintage guitars is a good investment but collecting modern contemporary archtops can also be fun because they are much easier to purchase in very good condition. Many of the modern budget guitars are now made so well that they are not that far behind the top brands in quality and workmanship and are also very playable. I have an assorted collection of guitars but then I collect what I like rather than what is trendy. I can buy a vintage Fender Strat, Tele or Gibson Les Paul anytime because there are plenty of them around but I choose to collect those guitars which I consider more unique and interesting. Collecting guitars does not have to be just about making money or investment and ego etc it can also be about the appreciation of good workmanship and or rare guitars which many of the above mentioned ones are not. Yes, we all know that the well known guitars are a good investment because they are very popular and popular things will always bring good money whilst they remain popular and fashionable. However, I also believe that collecting guitars is also about saving any and all guitars that are a representation of our time and appreciating all contributions to the guitar world.......................... Australias Archtop Guitar Specialist. Please also look through Archtop Guitars (For Sale)