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Z (SOLD) Yamaha AEX500N Nylon Strings

(SOLD)Rare and Unique: Yamaha AEX500N Nylon string flat top guitar that looks like a jazz box and sounds very Jazzzy.

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Make: Yamaha

Model: AEX500N


Colour: Natural

Case: No but one can be supplied at a very good price if purchased with this guitar.

Condition: Very good almost like new

Discription: A very unique little hollow flat top guitar that would be perfect for the Jazz musician that likes Nylon strings. I spent years getting this guitars as Yamaha were not bringing the natural finish through before they were discontinued. They were bringing the black finish through only towards the end and I don't know why because this finish looks great. It could be because the timber for the clear natural finish has to be better looking timber. I had to pay big bucks to get a good one but I love this little guitar but it now deserves a good home.