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Epiphone Sheraton 2 Semi Acoustic.

(Very Good Condition) (With Epiphone Hard case) (1005) This guitar is a display stock item. Some of the gold hardware has tarnished a little as it has been on display since 2009. It came fitted with flats wounds and a brand new Epiphone hard case and has been profesionally set up with low fast action.

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Make: Epiphone.

Model: Sheraton 2.

Finish: Traditional Sun Burst.

Year: 2009.

Size: 16"

Scale: 24 3/4"

Case: (New Epiphone Hard Shell)

Condition: (Very Good) This guitar is shop display stock and has some signd of gold plating discoloration but apart from that it is like new. Came with flat wound strings.

Description: A very nice semi 335 style guitar that would be great for jazz and blues etc.