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Z (SOLD) Epiphone Emperor Regent Archotop


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Epiphone Emperor Regent Guitar.

Colour: Natural

Year: 2005 Korea

Body Size: 17" Bout

Scale: 25 1/2"

Weight: 3.2kg

Case: Yes (Brand New)  Real Archtop Hard Shell.

Condition: Like New. Very little use. Not used by the previous owner for performing (Set up well and ready to play)

Description: The Epiphone Emperor Regent (Korean) is one of my favorite guitars. It is a wide 17" body with a 25 1/2" scale neck. This is a guitar based on their big original traditional archtops of the past. Epiphone in the old days were big competition for Gibson until Gibson bought them out and then pushed them into the background. The Emperor Regent is a great example of a traditional archtop taking us right back to the roots of this company. This guitar is not a copy of other guitars, It is it's own guitar with the Epiphone traditional vine headstock, the floating pick up and Epiphones own famous Frequensator tail piece. I just love this Guitar for what it is and what it represents and I just can't ignore it's great value for money. I have many of these Regents in my own personal collection and I have played many of the old ones from the 50's and these new ones are just great. Don't let anyone tell you different.