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Heritage Super Kenny Burrell Guitar

Private Seller. V.G.C. (With Case) This fine Kenny Burrell archtop guitar is based on the Gibson Super 400. Made in the US 2003 in the original Gibson factory in Kalamazoo by the best traditional  makers they have. All enquiries Please ring Paul on 0433 499 885 or Email


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This signature model was made for Kenny Burrell based on his favourite Gibson Super 400. Please check out the Heritage website and see how the company was formed by previous employees and operates out of the original factory in Kalamazoo Like the 400 the Kenny Burrell model has a carved spruce top, solid maple back and sides and a carved two piece maple back. The neck has is a five piece maple construction. It measures 18" across the lower bout and therefore delivers plenty of bottom end. This guitar is a 2003 model and was originally imported by Jacksons rare guitars in Sydney as the Heritage agent. The first buyer traded it back to Jacksons some years later and I bought it from them about 4 yeras ago. It is in very good condition. If you wish further details please contact Paul on 0433 499 885 and email