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Z (SOLD) Gibson Herb Ellis Jazz CS165

(In Very Good Condition) + (Gibson original Hard case) A Classic collectible Guitar with a Traditional Sun Burst finish. (All enquiries welcome)

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Gibson Herb Ellis (CS165)

Colour: Traditional Sun Burst

Year: 2002 USA.

Size: 16"

Scale: 24 3/4"

Case: Very High Quality Gibson Hard Case

Condition: Very Clean with no problems. Gold plating showing some signs of fading. This guitar looks as it has been stored more than used.

This is a Gibson Herb Ellis (CS165) and basically the same as the CS175 but with a single floating pickup. This is avery nice guitar for the Jazz musician who has no need for the bridge pickup. The fact that it is a Gibson archtop makes it collectable but the famous name (Herb Ellis) endorsement makes it even more collectable.