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Oscar Schmidt OE 30 Delta King (Special)

(Very Good Condition) Unique Semi Acoustic 335 style Guitar. When they see you playing this great guitar they will think it cost you a fortune.

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Oscar Schmidt OE 30 Delta King

Colour: Very nice Sun Burst

Year: 2006

Scale: 24 3/4"

Condition: (Very Good) No visual Scratches or Dings (Looks Like New) Photos don't do it justice. All the marks are just reflections caused by flash on camera. The person who gets this guitar will be very happy with its very clean condition.

Case: Deluxe Washburn Gig Bag.

This is a semi acoustic 335 Style Guitar and a very good looking one. It has a very nice sunburst finish which makes it look much more expensive than it is. Actually the photo's do not do it justice at all. Lots of reflections etc