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Z (SOLD) Epiphone Broadway (SOLD)

Sold To Aaron from W.A.

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Epiphone Broadway.

Colour: Natural

Year: 2006

Size: 17" Lower Bout.

Scale: 25 1/2"

Case: Yes Hard shell

Condition: Like New. Very little use. No issues.

This is a very special classic Archtop guitar. It is one of the few resonably priced classic electric Archtop guitars available today. Epiphone has been one of the best traditional affordable guitar makers that has been around for well over 60 years. The Broadway is a very similar guitar to the Regent but insted of the one floating attached to the neck it has two pickups attached to the top of the guitar. This makes it a flexible guitar for Jazz, Blues, Swing, Traditional Country and many other kind of music. It was this kind of archtop guitar that was used by most of the early instrumential musicians of the 50's.